Patricia and Tom Thayer Wedding

6/28/14 - Avila Beach Golf Resort, Avila Beach, CA

We normally have months to plan with the bride and groom but sometimes we only have a week. That was the case with Patricia and Thomas’ wedding but everything worked out perfect. Because of the special circumstances, we had to work overtime to make sure we provided the right music and atmosphere for their wedding. After a few phone calls and meeting the couple, we worked long hours to insure we prepared the right vibe for the night. We highly recommend booking your DJ as early as possible but sometimes that is not an option. If you find yourself looking for help last minute, don’t hesitate to call us!

We also had the opportunity to meet Blake from who was great to work with. He is extremely professional and took some really cool pictures of the evening. Check out his photos in this post as well as at his website.

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